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String Wound Filter Cartridge

  • JPW series- NSF listed string wound water filter cartridge
    JPW series string wound filter cartridge is certified by NSF since 2015, using best material and improved Japanese standard winding method, with higher efficiency and dirt holding capacity, ideal for drinking water purifier as sediment filter.
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  • Cotton string wound filter cartridge
    Cotton string wound filter cartridges with high temperature nature, the yarn is degreased cotton or bleached cotton, the inner core is stainless steel or tin plate, usually for hot water and food oil processing like palm oil, soy oil and vinegar, etc.
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  • High flow string wound filter cartridge
    High flow string wound filter cartridge is a patented filter the size of 6" diameter with 226 o-ring fittings, the length range is from 10" to 40", micron range from 1micron to 100micron, good for big volume sediment removal.
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  • SFW standard string wound filter cartridges
    PP string wound filter cartridge is also called wire wound filter, made of PP string and PP core. Suitable for chemical liquid filtration, pre- filtration of desalination, pre-filtration of home and commercial water treatment systems at POE section.
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  • SFW standard PE string wound filter cartridge
    String wound filter cartridges made of PE string, with stainless steel or tin plate core, use as high temperature liquid filter replacement such as palm oil filtering and soy oil filter.
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  • Glass fiber string wound filter cartridge
    Glass fiber string wound filter is made of fiberglass yarn (also called baked glass fiber) and stainless steel inner core, the structure is same as string wound filter, it is used for high corrosive or high temperature liquid filtration, with standard 10", 20", 30" and 40", micron rate of 0.5-100 microns, manufactured in China.
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