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Granular activated carbon filter -GAC/UDF

  • RFC series Radial Flow water filter cartridge
    RFC series Radial Flow filter cartridge is made of melt blown inner & outer layer with adsorption media (usually GAC) in between, it removes sediments as well as organic pollution from water.
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  • UDF/GAC filter cartridge
    Granular activated carbon filter cartridge (UDF filter cartridge or GAC filter cartridge) is a tube-like filter cartridge filled coconut based activated carbon granules, use as pre-filter of RO water systems, our carbons are all NSF certified.
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  • UDF/GAC granular activated carbon filter cartridge 4.5" Big Blue
    4.5" diameter UDF GAC granular activated carbon filter cartridges are also known as large diameter and big blue filter cartridges, this type is refillable with standard size of 4.5"x10" and 4.5"x20", compatible with most standard big blue filter housings, the carbon is NSF certified coconut shell carbon.
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  • CM series chloramine removal GAC cartridge
    CM series GAC filter is made of catalytic activated carbon, it can remove chloramine and hydrogen sulfide from water effectively. It's also good at removing disinfection by-products such as chloroform and trihalomethanes (THMs).
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