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PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

  • Depth melt-blown filter cartridge
    D series depth melt blown filter cartridge is designed to have more porous surface and changing micron rates from surface to the core, thus have longer service life. The micron rates are set carefully to make meet the different sediment removal rates.
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  • Grooved Polypropylene Sediment Filter
    Grooved polypropylene sediment filter cartridges are large diameter melt blown filters with end caps and grooved surface. It's designed for whole house and commercial water filter as sediment filters.
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  • PP series standard melt blown filter cartridges
    PP series melt blown filter cartridge is conventional melt blown filter cartridges with various of size options for water treatment, water filter and industrial sediment filter purposes. Material is polypropylene.
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  • PP spun with furry surface or orange peel surface
    PP melt blown filter with special surface treatments such as orange peel like surface and furry surface, to improve the flow rate or dirt holding of the filters, good for heavy duty sediment filtration.
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  • Water filter replacement melt blown sediment filter cartridge
    Water filter replacement melt blown sediment filter cartridge works as first stage of 3-stage water filter as sediment filter, it is a slim melt blown filter with threaded or double O-ring caps, we're OEM supplier of this water filter, customized caps and sizes available.
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  • PP series big blue melt blown filter cartridges
    Big blue melt blown filter cartridges refers to 4.5" outer diameter melt blown filters, usually work as sediment filter for POE water treatment systems. The bigger outer diameter allows multi-rates design layered from outside to inside of the cartridge.
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