Depth melt-blown filter cartridge

D series depth melt blown filter cartridge is designed to have more porous surface and changing micron rates from surface to the core, thus have longer service life. The micron rates are set carefully to make meet the different sediment removal rates.
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Melt blown filter or pp spun filter is processed by spraying melted polypropylene, as the liquid spray cooling down it becomes fiber, the cooling fiber reaches the spinning receiving pole to form the filter cartridge. Depth melt-blown filter cartridge is made of pure polypropylene, by phase-in changes on the precision from inside to outside, it maximizes the dirt holding capacity and minimizes the pressure loss. Results in very long service time. The standard sizes are 2.5"x10", 2.5"x20", 2.5"x30", 2.5"x40", 4.5"x10" and 4.5"x20", as SF is manufacturer, customized sizes are available. 


♦ High Dirt Hoding Capacity
♦ 50% Lower Pressure Drop
♦ Long Service Life


♦  Water Treatment
♦  Corrosive Liquid Filtration
♦  Food Industrial


SF  PP 205 D 63 * 28  D
1     2    3    4 5  6      7    8    

1. Brand name (optional)
2. Filter type- W= string wound, PP= melt blown, PPL= PP pleated, CTO= carbon block
3. Length- 10/20/30/40, inches. 250/500/750/1000, mm.
4. Rating- 0.5/1/3/5/10/25/50/75/100/150/200/250/300 microns
5. D= diameter,  follow by diameters, outer diameter * inner diameter in mm
6. Outer diameter: 60/63/110/152 mm
7. Inner diameter: 28/30mm
8. W= weight
9. Weight- in grams
10. Additional info- C= pp inner core,  G= grooved/slotted, P= pressed/linded, BB= big blue
D= Depth
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