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String wound - NSF listed

 Water treatment specialists would ask: do we really need a series of string wound filter cartridge to be certified by NSF?
  The answer is: yes, we do.  This is why:

  1. We need an option extending the service life of water filter cartridges to make our customers feel easier of our water filters.
  2. String wound filter cartridge has diamond shaped tunnels to hold particles by their sizes. No other filters compete its dirt holding capacity.
  3. Existing sediment filters are mostly pp melt blown filters, there's no tunnels in it or all tunnels blocked by its fiber, most particles would be trapped in the first few layers and block the cartridge quickly.
  4. Our string wound filters have structure with through tunnels, the tunnels are visible for filters over 10 microns.
  5. We have restrict quality controlling system assuring a consist quality.

Quality check in our laboratory 

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