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High Flow String Wound Filter

The story of High Flow

 Many companies are supplying High Flow Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridges. No mater 3M, Parker or Pall's high flow cartridges, the common trait is the large diameter- 140-160mm. Different companies have different end caps, but all of them are sealed by O-ring.

  We found that there's rarely no company was supplying Depth High Flow Filter Cartridge (Some companies were supplying high flow melt blown filters, but to our testing experience we don't consider melt blown cartridges as depth filter). We think this is a gap of the market.

  In the late 2014, we started our journey to have this high flow string wound filter cartridge.

  Step one, set goal. The goal of this product is set of 9X dirt holding, 9X flow rate but same or lower pressure drop with common string wound filters.

  Step two, go for it. We made many samples and test them in our lab. After many sleepless days and nights, we finally got the correct sample we want. It was a 20” long, 5micron prototype.

  Step three, use it in real applications. We’ve found some factories in different areas and sent our filters for their real usage. The feedback was pretty good.

  After these steps we now can put this product to the market. To the suggestion of our customers, we’ll keep on developing High Flow Melt Blown filter and High Flow activated carbon filter, so that the user can have different function from one filter housing.

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